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5 Fascinating Facts About Learning Chinese in Hong Kong

In the process of learning Chinese you will come across very interesting facts and misunderstandings as well. For example, non- speaking Chinese find Mandarin speaking funny and weird at the same time. Well, it may sound funny listening to it for the first time but how it flows rhythmically is quite captivating. What I admire most about Mandarin is that you can change the meaning of a certain word or syllable by using a different pitch. Sounds cool right? So, step out of your English or Spanish comfort zone and go learn some Chinese Mandarin. Why should you learn Chinese? Here are Interesting facts why.

It has one of the world’s oldest cultures

Chinese language has a long and mysterious history you should definitely explore. In order for you to learn mandarin you must understand their culture first. Get to know about their customs and traditions. Try out their delicious cuisines. Build up relationships with Chinese natives to teach you more about their language and culture. By doing so, you will develop appreciation for their culture. With a better understanding of this, learning Chinese would be much easier.

Mandarin is a widely spoken Language

It seems like everybody wants a slice of Mandarin. If statistics is anything to go by, there are over 1.2 billion Mandarin speakers worldwide and the list is growing fast. Native speakers alone are around 875 million, making Mandarin the world’s most popular and spoken language. Why not join in the list and make Mandarin hit the 2 billion mark? It’s easy, enroll a Mandarin classes now here at www.hk-mandarin-school.com.hk and you will find options of private and group Mandarin class.

Only a few grammatical rules apply in Chinese. Continue reading