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3 Important Guidelines for Learning Chinese Language in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a dream spot for anyone who wants to establish a successful career or business. The place is regarded as the third most active financial entities of the world following New York and London. Staying in Hong Kong will be more fruitful if you learn Chinese language. However, the decision requires some thinking. Before you decide to register yourself in Chinese language center, following guidelines will help you make the right decision.

1. Which Language you should Learn

The purpose of your staying in Hong Kong enforces your decision to opt for the languages you should learn. Mandarin is a popular and relatively easy to understand, whereas Cantonese is the language of masses in Hong Kong. So, decide tactfully.

In Hong Kong, majority of people speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Mandarin is widely spoken in China and Taiwan. It is easily the most spoken language of the world. It has a proper script and structure, which is why it can be taught easily. If your plan is to establish your career in Hong Kong, you can opt for this language to meet your academic and business objectives.

On the other hand, unlike China, Cantonese is primarily spoken in Hong Kong. It is a common dialect of Chinese people who are living abroad. If you want to establish your business in Hong Kong or Guandong province in China, or if you want to speak to your clients living in US, Canada, UK, Canada or Australia, you must choose this language.

If you compare the two, Mandarin is relatively more structured and easy for a beginner to learn, while Cantonese dialect consists of more tones and a large variety of slang terms that keeps on changing with time. Irrespective of your objective of learning any of the two languages, Cantonese offers more fun and flavor because of rich and enjoyable characteristics.
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2 Reasons to Learn Chinese and Establish a Successful Business in Hong Kong

In general, Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, particularly in Asia. It helps your grow your business in the far-east, especially if your intentions are to spread it in China, Taiwan, Thailand and other parts. Your first and foremost objective would be to set your business in Hong Kong – one of the busiest business destinations after New York and London. World’s greatest brands have located there and people have been immigrating to Hong Kong because of the innumerable work opportunities and facilities. Although, the place offers everything you need in a cosmopolitan city, you will have even better chances of growth in Hong Kong if you know how to speak Chinese.

Among several different benefits of learning Chinese in Hong Kong, following are the two most important ones elaborating your chances of growth and expansion in the top Asian cosmopolitan city.

1.  Strengthen Your Business Relationship

The first and foremost is to strengthen your business. Unlike the west where people don’t hesitate to mingle with the ones they don’t know, Asian people, particularly Chinese are hesitant to talk or show confidence on the person who doesn’t speak their language. On the contrary, they’re very generous and friendly if you speak their native language. This factor will influence the growth of your business at every stage.

  • Chinese people prefer native speakers

As mentioned above, to be the part of the blooming business community in Asia, you need to understand what people look for. To increase your knowledge about the interests of Asian people or your target market, you cannot just rely on English. Considering the fact that you might not face too much difficulty expressing your intentions in English, people in Hong Kong prefer their native language in normal discussion. It leads to the business customers who prioritize Chinese speakers as their clients and contractors. Either ways, to enter into their comfort zones, you need to educate yourself about their culture and learn Chinese language.

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Challenges with Learning Chinese in Hong Kong

The language that we learn as children strongly influences our ability to acquire any other language in the future. Although learning a foreign language can be quite a challenge, especially when you are trying to learn industry Chinese, such as to learn legal Mandarin , being able to communicate in a desired language is truly a great privilege. Acquiring any language, such as Chinese, requires you to learn many things besides the alphabet and pronunciation. It requires you to learn more about the culture, and think in their way. You need to be able to think in the way Chinese people think, in order to fully immerse yourself in the learning experience and learn the language properly. Therefore, learning Chinese can be difficult. This is not a discouragement, rather a simple preparation for what’s ahead for each learner that steps up to learning Chinese.What are some of the difficulties learners of Chinese encounter that everyone should be aware of?

1. Learning Chinese takes time

Chinese is a language that is difficult to learn simply because it takes a lot of time to acquire the basics. This doesn’t mean that the basics are difficult, but on the contrary. It’s a very comprehensive language, and it simply takes a lot of time to practice it all to the point of where you will instinctively start to use it. As any other language, it is a complex system that requires you to learn about culture, phonetics, writing, reading and other aspects in order to become fluent in it. Continue reading