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Challenges with Learning Chinese in Hong Kong

The language that we learn as children strongly influences our ability to acquire any other language in the future. Although learning a foreign language can be quite a challenge, especially when you are trying to learn industry Chinese, such as to learn legal Mandarin , being able to communicate in a desired language is truly a great privilege. Acquiring any language, such as Chinese, requires you to learn many things besides the alphabet and pronunciation. It requires you to learn more about the culture, and think in their way. You need to be able to think in the way Chinese people think, in order to fully immerse yourself in the learning experience and learn the language properly. Therefore, learning Chinese can be difficult. This is not a discouragement, rather a simple preparation for what’s ahead for each learner that steps up to learning Chinese.What are some of the difficulties learners of Chinese encounter that everyone should be aware of?

1. Learning Chinese takes time

Chinese is a language that is difficult to learn simply because it takes a lot of time to acquire the basics. This doesn’t mean that the basics are difficult, but on the contrary. It’s a very comprehensive language, and it simply takes a lot of time to practice it all to the point of where you will instinctively start to use it. As any other language, it is a complex system that requires you to learn about culture, phonetics, writing, reading and other aspects in order to become fluent in it. Continue reading